Online verses Print world

You could be under the impression that online news has taken over the traditional print newspapers, however with only 3% of news reading being done online, is there any reason to think that the newspaper has seen its final days?


According to Journalist Martin Langveld the print world is ’still king’.

 However columnist David Pauly says in his blog ‘Newspapers are on fast, worrisome path to oblivion, that newspaper are on their way out, although there seems to be little evidence to suggest this.

 Pauly admits that after reading an article online about the stock market, the information for the article had been compiled from information from five newspapers.

In response to these views, blogger Richard Tofel makes an interesting point: “To say newspapers will be around forever in print is ridiculous.Is it still the end for print or will it make a hasty come back?

“Even if some hang on it, in 30 years or so, they’ll be dead.”  In my view, as much as I hate to admit it, he’s right!


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